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In a previous reading, you learned about Google Search Console and the tools it offers. Now, it’s time to explore an alternative resource called Bing Webmaster Tools. In this reading you’ll learn what it is, its features, and how to use it.

What is Bing Webmaster Tools?

Bing Webmaster Tools (or Bing WMT) is a free service developed by Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which allows digital marketers and web developers to add their websites to the Bing index crawler and see their site’s performance in Bing. Basically, Bing Webmaster Tools is to the Bing search engine, as Google Search Console is to Google Search.

Why use Bing Webmaster Tools?

It’s important for digital marketers to stay knowledgeable about other search engines and their available resources. While Google and Google Search Console are incredibly popular, digital marketers should also pay attention to additional opportunities to market their brand. Bing is a notable example of this with more than 1 billion visits each month. Using Bing Webmaster Tools to market on Bing could potentially drive traffic to your website.

What features do Bing Webmaster Tools offer?

Bing Webmaster Tools helps users monitor how well their website is performing, improves SEO visibility, and identifies how customers are finding their sites.

Bing Webmaster Tools offers similar features that were described in previous course material related to Google Search Console, like site verification, crawl control, sitemaps reports, URL inspection tool, change of address tool, and a removals tool.

Bing Webmaster Tools also offers other features, including:

  • Backlinks: Users can access and analyze data about their referring pages, domains, and anchor texts.
  • Keyword Research: Users can check the phrases and keywords that searchers are querying for and their corresponding search volumes.
  • SEO Report: This feature collects all the errors found across an entire website.
  • Site Scan: This on-demand site audit tool crawls a site and checks for common technical SEO issues.

Key takeaways

Exploring additional tools and resources outside of the Google community is critical to becoming a well-rounded digital marketer. Bing Webmaster Tools are a resource to advertising successfully on Bing. Like with the Google Search Console, using Bing Webmaster Tools can help more people find your website.

Resources for more information

Get an overview of Bing Webmaster Tools.

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